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What Do You Need To Know About Buying An Unusual Home?

As the biggest purchase most people will ever make, a lot of thought goes into buying a house, and local estate agents are on hand to help you find the home of your dreams, even if those dreams are more unusual than most.

Much like buying a car in an unusual, non-standard colour, an unusual home is a tremendous expression of creativity, as well as often being the type of space that can uplift you if it is the perfect house for you.

Unusual buildings, such as those made from strange materials, prefabricated buildings, listed buildings, unusual conversions such as lighthouses, or buildings with bizarre dimensions, can be a fantastic and adventurous option, especially if you find a home at the right price.

However, unusual homes tend to be a bit more complicated to buy, especially if you need to obtain a mortgage or other long-term finance. Some lenders can be wary of unusual properties because they might not be the easiest homes to sell quickly.

Insurance is an important factor to keep in mind as well, as this is often a condition of getting a mortgage on an unusual property.

Selling the property can be tricky as well, as valuations tend to primarily focus on value relative to other similar properties in the area. If there is nothing like your property, then you might struggle to find another buyer willing to pay what you bought it for.

Repair costs might be worth considering as well; if your property has non-standard components, then that could make repairs more expensive and take longer than a typical property.

This only magnifies if you choose to buy a listed building, which will require you to use period-appropriate renovations and require you to preserve the character of the building as much as possible.