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Top Tips For First Time Buyers

Moving out of your childhood home and into the very first house that is actually yours is an exciting and fun experience.

You may have found the home of your dreams or have taken on a fixer-upper in the hope of making the home of your dreams, either way there is much to consider before actually moving in.

Once you have signed all the paperwork and know your move-in date, it can be tempting to rush through and get everything done as soon as possible. While you do have a lot to do, planning and preparation is key before plunging head first into the move.

First, start packing slowly and steadily well before your move-in date. It may be tempting to put everything in boxes and pack up in a short amount of time, but this can lead to chaos.

Sorting through your belongings, taking the time to pack methodically and getting rid of anything you simply don’t need any more takes time and can be a lot less stressful if you take your time and do it over the course of several weeks.

Secondly, make sure you have everything you need set up prior to moving in. This includes having all your utilities, internet, broadband and any other services primed and ready.

This can save a lot of hassle post-move and will let you settle in comfortably without having a lot of admin to do.

Hold off on purchasing a lot of your new furniture before moving in just because something catches your eye for a good price. While it may seem tempting to stock up beforehand, it can also cause you a lot of trouble.

Large items such as sofas, wardrobes and beds can be difficult to purchase before you have set up any existing furniture and have a feel of how much space you have. Take the time to visit the house, take measurements and find something which is practical and suitable.

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