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How To Complete Conveyancing As Quickly As Possible

Once many buyers have made an offer on the home of their dreams, they then have to navigate a buying process that when the market is as busy as it has been can make sales take months to complete.

According to the most recent Rightmove House Price Index, the average time from making an offer to officially completing a sale is 136 days or close to five months, although this figure can vary wildly depending on the complexity of the sale as well as how responsive both buyer and seller are.

Whilst certain factors, such as the time it takes to arrange searches and surveys are outside the scope of buyers, sellers and at times even conveyancing brokers, there are ways for a buyer to speed up the process.


Be Proactive

Whilst not every step of the process can be completed before the initial offer, several steps can be started before or just after an offer has been made.

You can provide the necessary paperwork and identification to your conveyancer so they can make the legal checks they need, you can secure an agreement in principle with your mortgaged lender, you can complete forms promptly and start making arrangements for appropriate building insurance.


Request Updates Regularly

Whilst most conveyancers and estate agents will be hard at work on your case, calling up and asking for progress information on your sale will always ensure that you are never out of sight nor out of mind.

Arrange for regular discussion sessions and calls, as these often serve as milestones that all parties can work towards to ensure that regular, measurable process is made towards a sale.


Be Prompt With Requests

Of course, requesting regular updates and steady progress is a two-way street, and so if there are forms to fill in, documents that need submitting or updates needed on financial information or potential complications, provide that information as soon as you are able to.